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Robin Adams

Robin Adams is a co-founder and director of Adams Kara Taylor - a structural and civil engineering partnership which combines innovative design with engineering science to produce elegant, bespoke solutions.

The company was targeted for acquisition by the WYG Group in 2007.

Robin explains why Robinsons were an invaluable asset to his company during the
acquisition process »

AKT had been using Richard Brattle of Robinsons as our accountant since 1994, and he was the perfect fit for our organisation. The company has always been a very forward-thinking engineering partnership - we embrace new technologies and developments - and Richard shares our enthusiasm for innovative thinking.

Robinsons handled our management accounts and our whole Financial Director function seamlessly. They provided a proactive, straight-forward service; we always knew exactly what they were billing us and when, they responded to queries quickly and efficiently, and they were always on time.

But the real test for them was when we were targeted for acquisition in 2007. Richard was an invaluable asset to us during the process, providing us with sound commercial advice and helping with negotiations to ensure we got the best possible deal for all concerned. Thanks to his financial expertise, I'm delighted to say that the merger has been a great success.

Of course, as part of the WYG Group we now have to use their accountants—but we were so happy with the service that Robinsons provide that I and the other Directors of AKT still use them as our personal accountants. We know that we get solid, sound advice from Richard and his team - we can all rest assured that our finances are in good hands!"

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Clearcast monitors TV advertising before it is broadcast, checking it for conformity with the TV Advertising Standards Code.

Owned by eight leading commercial broadcasters, ITV, GMTV, Channel Four, Five, Sky, IDS (Virgin Media), Viacom and Turner, the company was formerly a part of ITV, but made the transition to an independent company in 2007.

Steph Hughes, Head of Internal Operations at Clearcast, explains the benefits of using
Robinsons' complete outsourcing service, Online Accounts »

From the moment Clearcast became an independent company we have used Robinsons, and it's a decision we're very happy with. The transition from being a subsidiary of ITV to a limited company was obviously a time of great upheaval, and we needed to implement new systems and processes once we were a stand-alone company.

Robinsons assisted us in introducing a number of appropriate systems to make sure our accounting was as easy as possible and worked with us to ensure unforeseen problems were quickly addressed.

We decided to go with the outsourced accounts service because we felt it suited our needs. The concept of offshoring or outsourcing an accounts department is one that I think many smaller companies are starting to wake up to.

We use a simple system - we code our invoices in-house, upload them to Robinsons, and they handle the rest. They handle management accounts, VAT Returns, statutory accounts and all other accounting functions on our behalf. The team at Robinsons are on hand if we have a query, so we still have total control of our accounts at all times.

We have definitely saved money with outsourcing. We don't have the expense of wages, office space, sick leave - all the things that as an employer you have to consider when introducing a new accounts department. And the outside expertise is useful - Joseph understands our business very well. In my opinion, outsourcing is the future for many companies, particularly in these tough times.”